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Amorepacific Group pursues sustainable growth through innovative brands and products. We promise to commit to increasing company value and shareholder value together with all employees and business partners with one mind and one goal.

For more than 70 years, Amorepacific Group has been committed to its core spirit of changing the world through beauty even in the face of challenges and has always wrote a history of being the best and the first. We will take what many consider a crisis as an opportunity. We are dedicated to becoming a Great Brand Company that changes the world through a new Asian Beauty and taking a step further to become a respected global beauty company.

Quarterly Earnings

Amorepacific Group will actively address hyper-fast changing market conditions and customer needs by conducting customer-centric innovation activities, identifying new beauty categories, and responding to changing distribution channels. We will lay the foundation for sustainable growth in the global beauty market, beyond the local market in Korea. We are committed to strengthening our position to succeed in markets we’ve already entered by achieving solid growth, while laying a strong foundation to achieve sustainable quality growth by securing growth engines to quickly enter new markets.

Financial Information

Amorepacific Group is growing into a global beauty company, beyond a beauty company that represents Korea, by strengthening the company’s capacity centered on corporate values of ‘beauty’ and ‘health’. This growth has been based on customer-centric thinking, aggressive investments, and a continuous dedication to research and development. Amorepacific Group will continue to further its effort towards creating a more beautiful world.

Stock Information

Since its establishment, Amorepacific Group has strived to share the beauty of diversity and differences with the world. We are committed to continue to share our vision and values with the society as Asian Beauty Creator with a conviction that ‘beauty changes the world’ by focusing on our essential core centered on Asian Beauty.

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